Goals and Objectives

 Association of Zoos and Aquariums Ukraine (UAZA).

  1. Developing an effective development strategy UAZA envisaging active cooperation of all members of the association.
  2. Creating a common database UAZA.
  3. Training of zoos and improve their skills through training and seminars on a specific zoos.
  4. The organization of a single focal point of scientific method and scientific research.
  5. Optimization of obtaining and exchanging animals.
  6. Obtaining environmental and educational grants, and grants for development of ecological tourism.
  7. Improving the socio-political status of zoos.
  8. Legal and factual Zoos and protection of employees. Company reserve fund for employees of zoos.
  9. Assist in the design and construction of zoos.
  10. Organization Organizational support: support, preparation and publication of printed materials, work with the media.
  11. Promotion and development of tourism zooparkivskoho to improve attendance zoos.
  12. Providing operational assistance to participants UAZA if necessary.
  13. Creation of joint projects in various fields zooparkivskoyi case.